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Czech experienced boutique company offering quality market research and marketing consulting to large, medium and small sized Czech or and foreign companies. We save your budget and yet we offer quality.
Do you need information and feedback from the market? Are you facing a strategic decision, what to do? What to do next? What people find interesting? Are you working in the b2b or b2c business?

We will guide your way when you are planning to enter the market, launch a new product or service. We will help you to find a solution to become established, matured company. Do you feel the market is saturated? Do you need to innovate, optimize or evaluate your product or service efficiency?

Are you looking for answers for your business? Are you asking yourself why you are not receiving enough client feedback or where new opportunities might be? Are you thinking about how to impress the market with your innovative business idea? Is the brand growing? What is its image?

Every company wants to be adored by its clients.

What about you?

OUr clients

Are you a small or medium sized company and you also need a perfect market analysis but you you are short on people? Are you large corporation? You cannot afford a market research with a big, global agency?
Market research and marketing consultancy are typically used by big multinational companies with large marketing budgets, though recently they have been shorter than ever before. So why pay for the same thing several times?

How about to have two or more research projects of high quality and standards you really need instead of one?

We are here for you to start a dialog. Let’s find an optimal solution for you together.

Are you overwhelmed with many issues?

Do you relate to some of these topics?

We help you solve these questions

Market mapping
How the market looks like?

Lifestyle & trends – what is going on, how we live, satisfaction, happiness …

What are current values, needs and wishes?

Potential – market size, competition, recent, current and future trends.

Market readiness to accept new trends, products, services.

White spots, niche market – what would people welcome? Are they missing something?

Target group identification. How big is the target group, how can be described in terms of demographics, sociodemographic, media consumption … How, when and where to approach them? How to attract them? What is their current status?

New product development
Idea proof-testing. Is it worth it, does it have a chance to succeed?

Product / service development from the first scratch until market launch.

Which product or service to be launched if more variants? Timing.

Title – how to name it?

Pack – how to pack it? Size, volume, design, colors, wording, font …

Information – clear, attractive, relevant, trustworthy, persuasive and comprehensive.

Preference test – if more variants who is the winner?

Organoleptic (sensory test – ie. taste, aroma, after-taste).

Home-use test – how does the new product perform?

Visual test – ie. design of a new invoice, catalogue, web-site, space orientation and likeability.

Price sensitivity test – how much we can sell it for?

Diagnostics of pain-points.

Identification of key areas for successful performance.

KPI’s diagnostics, benchmarks.

Brand. Awareness. Loyalty. Image.
Spontaneous & prompted – how many people know your product, brand, service. Who they are?

Brand health. Relationship towards particular brand.

Who is buying your brand, who plans to buy it or consider to visit your branch, who has used your brand but stopped … Why?

Perception & image of your brand, sales reps, products.

Advantages and disadvantages of your brand.

Who are your customers? Where they are? How to approach them?

What about your competition – image, awareness, loyalty, overlapping customers.

Loyalty. How to keep satisfied customers, how many are dedicated to your brand?

Usage & Attitude
Rituals, habits, usage & attitudes in a real life.

Frequency of usage, purchase, cooking, baking, up-grade …

Who, when, where, what and why? Opportunities & occasions.

Purchase decision tree.

Influencers – ie children, partners, shop assistants, TV and et cetera.

Background and culture heritage.

Motivation and barriers.

Discoveries, observation & ethnographies.

Reasons why?

Marketing communication
Idea – creative ideas, brainstorming.

Direction / topic which to develop further into ie story-board.

Claim, story-line, mood, testimonials, brand face …

Brand face fit – celebrity, scientists, regular people …

Pre-test: concept tests, mood-boards, animatics and ready ads.

During and post-tests: when is the right moment to modify and replace the current ad.

Image based on communication – deliver desirable outcome (sales, image, education …)?

Innovation & optimization
White spots.





Portfolio optimization.

Customer / employee satisfaction
To what extend are you employees, the pillar of each company, happy, motivated, devoted, loyal?

Are your business partners or customers satisfied to cooperate with you, to use your products, loyal?

What can be strengthened, improved?

How to gain more satisfied customers, partners, employees?

Identification of barriers and problem solving.

Quality of services and mystery projects
How your branch looks like when you leave?

Do they perform their best? Are your employees smiling at your customers? Do they pass all information to your potential/customers?

Are all marketing stimuli material available and seen at the POP?

Are your representatives, receptionist and so on pro-active, do they bring in an additional service (cross-sales, up-sales).

Overall lasting feeling from some service experience ie. train trip, lunch in a restaurant, visit of sauna and so on.

Identification of areas for further improvement ie. sales training, motivation plan towards your personnel. Direct feedback from the “field”.

Trends, tracking studies & effectiveness
What is going on now and what is expected to be „in“ in a near future.

Tracking – brand awareness, consumption, image – growth, maintain the same, decline all in relation with your competitor.

Changes in time, ie. consumption of media, dishes, brands, sku’s and reasons why.

Changes in decision making & purchase behavior and why.

Tracking of communication effectiveness – ad track, media channels

Return on investment, communication diagnostics and impact over the target group & sales.

When is the right moment to modify somewhat used advertisement to avoid wear out effect? How to modify it? When the ad to be replaced with new one completely?

Typology & segmentation
How to segment customers and potential clients? Archetypes.

How big is each segment? Who would be the best target, how to appeal to them and where?

How to describe Czech customers? How to characterize your clients? Who they are, what are their archetypes?

Values, fears, aspirations, attitudes people share in common or and unique characteristics.

Let us analyze for you which type of person to use in your brand communication – celebrities, famous people ie. scientists, doctors or and regular people? Which fit each archetype best?

Why Harmon Research


20 years of practise

We have a thorough insight of knowledge gained in 20 years of practise and experience working with leading companies in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Comprehensive solutions

We offer fast and effective marketing  solutions for your company. Quality, easy to understand research outputs that you may easily use and implement in your marketing strategy.

Focus on Czechness

We are Czechs and we understand  Czechs well. We know the local culture, its background, the market and its development. We help to identify future business opportunities.

We are not large corporation

We are not bound to stereotypes. We will always be honest with you and support you in the area you feel the most uncertain about. We have an individual and creative approach.
I have been cooperating with Lenka Harmon for 13 years. The most important project was the launch of a new category of deodorants Garnier Mineral, when the Czech Republic became a test country for Europe. Together with new product development team from the headquarters, we basically created a product of individual sub-attributes, we chose smells, many graphic attributes until the real product was ready. There were several waves of complexed testing: from name, slogan to price elasticity. Testing was tremendously good and marketing launch has been very successful.  The results of the study were used by our Paris headquarter during the global launch.

We regularly assigned to Lenka studies ie to map the Czech, Slovak and Hungarian markets, test marketing communications, search for the perfect faces for communication of our brands and et cetera. Lenka has the ability to empathize with the client’s needs. She puts information into context, has a sense of data interpretation, has the sixth sense of what she sees and hears from the mouth of (potential) customers and can transfer all that into valuable marketing insights. I can highly recommend her.

Lukáš Saitz

Marketing Director, Garnier for Eastern Europe Zone

I had the opportunity to work with Lenka Harmon on several international projects. Even though some products and or sectors were new to her, she used her long-term experience, strategic thinking, and great adaptability and improvisation. Thanks to this, she could still bring new light and insight into non-standard projects. The broadness of experience and the extend of her knowledge fitted me and comforted me, as I had a perfect partner in projects and cooperation, to which I could fully rely, which was a pivotal person for me as a very busy person. On the other hand, Lenka was a partner with whom I could discuss and disagree with arguments and involve in a full-fledged discussion.

External cooperation with Lenka is also cost-effective to our global company, we save our budget and we still have excellent quality. That’s why I work with Lenka Harmon today and I know that our cooperation brings me a lot of new knowledge and professionalism.

Michal Štochl

Regional Marketing Director, Orient and Central Europe, Lesaffre

We regularly cooperate with Lenka to test the new services and products we develop and offer to doctors in the Czech Republic. Our testing focuses is on estimating potential, mapping habits, identifying new business opportunities, product settings and parameters, customer satisfaction, brand image, and marketing communications. Lenka always well advises on the appropriate methodology to get the information we need, whether qualitatively or quantitatively.

Lenka is quick, flexible, creative, dependable, and totally devoted to her work. It is a very good and pleasant to cooperate with her, she has a wide-angled point of view, large overview and a huge experience she gained during her research and marketing practice in the Czech Republic, as well as from projects she has done abroad.

From the very beginning, setting the project until the final research presentation, she is the one who communicates with us, who is the “brain” behind and  deliberately discusses it with us including possible strategy. It suits us, even though we are a large multinational company, we do not need a large corporation to safeguard a quality market survey for us, we trust and we are happy with Lenka.

Vladimír Přikryl

General Manager, CGM

Let’s have a coffee

We will discuss your needs and we will advise you which marketing tool is best suited for you. We will explain how market research works and what it will give you.
You will learn what people really want. You will be ready for futurous events. You will understand hidden things / meanings and interconnections. You will build and develop your image, gain satisfied customers and increase your sales. You will be successful!

Lenka Harmon

I will be happy to answer all your questions or arrange a personal meeting where we can discuss everything.

About me

I have turned my largest hobby into a very successful career. I am happy to see my clients to reach significant success also thanks to the info I provide them with.
In the past 20 years in which I have worked in market research I have supported leading Czech and foreign companies. Actively, as a team member I have had participated in several creative workshops in the framework of strategic research abroad. In the Czech Republic such workshops are offered also, of which some I am leading. I have had the honor to work for and test leading Czech brands on foreign markets such as in England, Germany, Canada, other Central and Eastern European countries and of course also often in Slovakia.
Vice versa, I tested many foreign, global brands in the Czech Republic. In the Czech Republic I help Czech companies, both start-ups and established companies. I focus on “Czechness”.

I lecture at various marketing conferences and publish articles in professional marketing magazines. For instance Retail Summit, Samoška, CZECH TOP 100, FrAMchise.

In my free time I like to travel, discover and explore other cultures. I speak fluent Greek, English and I can communicate in Russian. In 2010 I experienced Greek traditional dances which I teach and organize workshops. I coordinate groups of international Greek and non-Greek origin enthusiasts with native lecturers in Prague. I have spent some of my life in the USA and Greece where I like to return regularly.

Thank you for considering my services and your interest in my business. I look forward to our cooperation with you.

Lenka Harmon

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Lenka is the co-founder of the annual Czech Brand Award (in co-operation with CZECH TOP 100).