Are you looking for new challenges?

Try market research with us

Market research in CZ and abroad

Do you have a big idea and you need to bring a product or service into life and manage it effectively? Would you like to know the opinions and attitudes of your clients? Do you need to map and overlook the Czech market or expand abroad?

At the very beginning of our cooperation we will listen to your needs and discuss your aims and goals.

We will walk you through your primary intention and support you in deciding whether to launch your service, or how much to sell it for, whether to launch a product abroad, or how to position it, in order to communicate it in accordance to local customs.

We also offer regular monitoring of marketing effectiveness, marketing activities and campaigns.

We know the local market and its long-term development well. We focus on Czechness. At the same time we are ready, able to prepare for you and carry out a market research with proven and trusted partners abroad.